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Advisory Board
of cecam-MM1P.de (Multi-scale Modeling from First Principles)

The Scientific Advisory Committee of cecam-MM1P.de consists of eminent scientists, coming from the different fields covered by cecam-MM1P.de. Its role is to advise the directors on any matters related to CECAM. This includes suggesting timely topics where cecam-MM1P.de may organize a workshop or conference.

Prof. Dr. Roberto Car (Princeton, USA)

Prof. Dr. Julian Gale (Perth, Australia)

Prof. Dr. Tim Kaxiras (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Prof. Dr. Kiyoyuki Terakura (Nomi, Japan)

Prof. Dr. Risto Nieminen (Helsinki, Finland)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schulten (Urbana, USA)

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Schwarz (Vienna, Austria)

Prof. Dr. Enge Wang (Beijing, China)